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TAGB Ugadi 2018

Registration Fee :
$10 Per Member if part of a group (4 and more)
$20 Per Non-Member if part of a group (4 and more)
Solo if accepted: $30 for Members and $60 for Non-members
Duet if accepted: $15 for members and $30 for Non-members

Registration Start Date: Feb 14th, 2018

Registration End Date: Mar 20th, 2018

Event Date: Apr 14th, 2018

Event Time : 1:00 PM onwards

Venue : Algonquin Regional High School,
79 Bartlett Street,
Northborough,MA - 01532

* All performances must be confirmed by cultural committee. Please make payment only after you receive the confirmation. Cultural committee will send instructions for uploading the audio files.

Cultural Programs Rules & Guidelines

We welcome all Telugu people in greater Boston area to attend TAGB event. These rules have been created to ensure fair and equal opportunity to everyone in our community. We request you to comply with these rules before registering for a smooth and successful event management. Thank you in advance!! 

* All performances must be confirmed by TAGB cultural committee. Payments should be made only after the confirmation.

Cultural program categories: Classical dance, Dance medley, Light music, Classical music, Film songs, Mono action, Drama, Skit, Poetry recitation, Magic Show etc.

. All Programs must be in Telugu language. Program should reflect Telugu culture and Telugu attire is strictly enforced without exceptions. Programs with inappropriate songs or costumes will not be allowed.

Number of programs in each category is limited to promote diversity in the cultural event.

Program starts at 1:00PM and ends at 10.00 PM. Your time slot can be anywhere within the time frame.

Must specify the age of participant kids while submitting the entry. Younger kids’ programs are scheduled at the beginning of the program.

Group programs will be given preference over solo programs. 

Solo programs may be considered at the discretion of the Cultural Committee when the submitted program is deemed to be of exceptional quality by the committee.

All medley registrants must submit a list of the songs at the time of the registration otherwise the entry will not be considered. Cultural Committee will contact you in case of duplicate entries and advise you to replace the song. Song selection will be on first come first serve basis.

Submit Audio /video files wherever necessary.

A dance or singing program should not exceed 5 minutes.

Dramas and Skits should not exceed 15 minutes.

Only  1  performance  is  allowed  for  each  participant (please  pick  any  one category to participate in).

Minimum age for cultural program in group performance is 5yrs.

All sample audio tracks have to be submitted by Apr 2nd in MP3 format.

Performers are required to bring their own costumes, settings and any other required stage decorations for their performance.

For instrumental music entries, preference  will  be  given  to  the  ones with  Indian classical  or  semi  classical  over western music.

TAGB Cultural committee reserves the right to close the registration before the deadline if the slots in each category get filled up.

All the registered individuals/groups (Singing, Dance, Skit/ Drama, Instruments) should send minimum 3 full length videos of their performance to the cultural team after the registration and before the final performance.

There will be limited slots (5 mins) for solo performances and will be filled on first come first serve basis. The minimum age for solo performance is 10 years in dance category (which includes Folk, classical, semi classical and movie categories).

Participants who want to participate in Solo performance must send a video link of their previous performances. Cultural team will review the participant videos and make a decision.

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Stage rules and regulations

Flames in the form of Candle light or lamps will not be permitted on the stage. Battery-operated lights may be allowed.

Use of theme based props on stage is okay but set up has to be completed while the item is being announced and has to be removed immediately after the performance is done. If help is needed in removal of props, please let the Cultural team know at least a week before the event.

All participants and their families must purchase the admission ticket. All the participants will receive a token of appreciation for their hard work in the form of awards/prizes/medals or certificates.

The entire group should report to the registration desk by 1:00 PM along with their registration confirmation and entry passes for their group. Anyone who will not report their group by 1:00 PM will have to wait until the end of the program for their performance.



1. TAGB will do its best to accommodate maximum entries. If the number of entries is more than manageable, TAGB will use a selection process based on specific criteria such as Interest of audience, uniqueness, and length of the program to make the final decision. 

2. TAGB reserves all rights to refuse any items that are deemed as inappropriate for the event. TAGB reserves the right to stop your program if it exceeds 5-6 mins, depending on overall event length.

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