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TAGB Telugu Mono - action Competitions

Participation Fee :
$0 Per Member
$15 Per Non-Member

Registration Start Date: Nov 01st, 2022

Registration End Date: Dec 11th, 2022

Event Date: Dec 17th, 2022

Event Time : 10:00 AM

Venue : Walpole Public Library,
Community Room
143 School St,
Walpole, MA 02081

TAGB Telugu Mono - action Competitions
TAGB ఏకపాత్రాభినయం పోటీలు
December 17, 2022 from 10:00 AM onwards 
Venue: Walpole Public Library, Community Room
143 School St, Walpole, MA 02081
à°ˆ సంక్రాంతికి TAGB ఔత్సాహికులైన పిల్లలను 'ఏకపాత్రాభినయం' పోటీకి ఆహ్వానిస్తోంది!  
మీ సృజనాత్మకత ప్రదర్శించడానికి సువర్ణ అవకాశం
పౌరాణిక-చారిత్రక-సామాజిక-కల్పిత అన్ని పాత్రలకు స్వాగతం!!
మీకు నచ్చిన పాత్రని అందరికి పరిచయం చేసే అవకాశం మీకోసం!!
మీ ప్రతిభకి పట్టంకట్టే అవకాశం మరి మాకివ్వండి!
Contest levels: Levels I, II, III, IV, V
  • Level I  - 6 yrs and below
  • Level II - 7yrs – 9yrs
  • Level III – 10yrs -13yrs
  • Level IV – 14yrs – 17yrs
  • Level V – 18yrs and above
Rules and Guidelines for Mono - action Competition
  • Each participant can choose any ONE character of their choice, example: Mythological-Historical-Social-Fictional, etc;
  • Participants are expected to dress up and impersonate like the character they have chosen. 
  • Don’t forget to give an introduction to the character before starting mono - action.  
  • Attire can include any required appropriate props. 
  • Programs must be in Telugu language and the content must be clean and appropriate for a family friendly event. 
  • Telugu language, culture and attire are strictly enforced. No exceptions please
  • Time given for presentation is 1 – 3 minutes 
  • Participants are to speak in Telugu only. 
  • Reading from notes or index cards is NOT permitted.
  • Mono - action may contain a padyam or a paata as the main content. 
  • Participants will be judged on attire, pronunciation, diction, their ease of action and overall presentation of the character.  
  • Judges’ decision is final in picking the Winners and deciding on the number of Winners in each category.
  • During 28th January TAGB Sankranthi Sambaralu along with the prize distribution ceremony and Winners will be given a chance to perform subjected to time constraints and other terms. TAGB reserves the right to conduct or cancel. Final decision is at the discretion of the TAGB competitions and cultural committee.
Participation Fee: 
TAGB Members: Free 
Non Members: $15/participant
Start Date: 1st Nov
End date: 6th December
Please note that TAGB may close the registration process earlier than the stated deadline if all available time slots are filled. We strongly encourage you to submit your entries as soon as possible.
Reporting time for the contest: 10am
Questions:  Please email