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TAGB Sankranthi Sambaralu 2018

Registration Fee :
$10 Per Member if part of a group (4 and more)
$20 Per Non-Member if part of a group (4 and more)
Solo if accepted: $30 for Members and $60 for Non-members
Duet if accepted: $15 for members and $30 for Non-members

Registration Start Date: Nov 19th, 2017

Registration End Date: Jan 02nd, 2018

Event Date: Jan 27th, 2018

Event Time : 1:00 PM onwards

Venue : Bellingham High School,
60 Blackstone Street,
Bellingham, MA - 02019

* All performances must be confirmed by cultural committee. Please make payment only after you receive the confirmation. Cultural committee will send instructions for uploading the audio files.

  • Number of participations in each category could be limited in order to promote diversity in the program, for example we’ll close the registrations for filmi dance category after reaching 40% of program duration.
  • Program will run from 2-9PM, your slot can be anywhere within the time frame.
  • Group programs will be given preference over solo programs. Solo programs may be considered if they are of exceptional quality.
  • Programs must be in Telugu language.  
  • Telugu language, culture and attire are strictly enforced.  No exceptions.
  • Specify the Age while submitting the entry to help us plan better
  • Duration – program length should not exceed 5 minutes and for innovative programs length should not exceed 15 minutes to accommodate more participants.
  • Please contact for concerns.
  • Audio /video files are required to submit whenever appropriate.
  • List of songs is required for dance medley to ensure minimal or no repititions of the songs. Song selection will be on first come first serve basis.
  • If we receive repetitions for items/songs, we will request you to change your item and will give you time to send in another entry on first come first serve basis. So, don’t wait send the request soon

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