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TPL-2017 Congratulations and Thank You

Thank you for making TAGB TPL 2017 a GRAND SUCCESS


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Burning Bush are the TAGB TPL 2017 Champions

Hearty congratulations from TPL Volunteer Team, TAGB Sports Team, TAGB Executive committee, TAGB BOT and the entire TPL community.

Burning Bush won the 5th edition of TPL. They were undefeated on their way to finals and they beat tough young teams like NE 8 Badshahs in the QF and Jai Mahishmati in the semis who played some good cricket. In fact we had the only tie in the history of the tournament between NE 8 Badshahs and Jai Mahishmati

Burning Bush were joined by Jagat Khiladeelu in the finals (their 4th TPL finals out of 5) who had comfortable victories against the young and dynamic number 1 seeded Swingers in the QFs and a good young Boston Knights team in the semis.
Thrilling final

Finals: Burning Bush scored 36 in their allocated 6 overs largely due to a strong and consistent bowling performance by Jagat Khiladeelu. 

Deja Vu: What is it with Jagat a team which performs consistently and clinically throughout the tournament invariably gets a bad start in the finals chasing; once again by the middle of 3rd over they lost 3 major wickets without a good score. The strategy of Burning Bush who played a consistent brand of cricket with some teasing bowling paid off and this choked the flow of runs, their bowlers were backed by some excellent outfield catching.

The Thrill: The last over 15 runs were needed but the Captain of Jagat, Prashant did not give up... 2 singles two singles and a wicket, 13 in 3, wide ball, 12 in 2, 5th ball goes for a huge six, 1 ball and 6 needed. Burning Bush did not panic and continued with their strategy of bowling a good line and removing the pace of the ball... last ball a huge shot but it resulted in only 4 runs and Burning Bush won by 1 run devastating Jagat yet again who lost 3 finals in 4 appearances.

Congratulations once again Burning Bush - your team played some consistent cricket and that showed with your undefeated entry into the finals…. It was a pleasure seeing new teams in TPL. Thank you for your participation.
Individual Honors: Congrats to all winners
MVP of the tournament: Narasimha of Burning Bush, consistent batting throughout the tournament and his slow dribblers netted him some good wickets or stemmed the flow of runs (glad to say Narasimha and Jagat had a long cricketing association 7-8 years back).
Finals MVP: Thangam of Burning Bush; He did it all - batting, enthusiastic fielding and consistent bowling. 
Batting MVP: Narasimha of Burning Bush for batting consistently in all the games 
Bowling MVP: Kalidas of Jagat Khiladeelu, 5 wickets off 3 runs in the Quarter Finals against Swingers, 3 wickets in the semis for 4 runs against Knights and 3 wickets for 7 runs in the finals. He is not retiring....more to come. As he says "...I had so much fun with all you young brigade of cricketers and I love to bowl and bowl, it is difficult for me to retire...".
Finalist MVP: Karthik of Jagat Khiladeelu, a young gun who batted consistently throughout the tournament, bowled his heart out and fielded with grease lightening speed. 
Semifinals MVP: Chaitanya of JaiMahishmati another young gun who performed admirably with both bat and ball and was the reason for Jai Mahishmati to reach the semis.
Semifinals MVP: Sandeep of Boston Knights finally a bowling all rounder gets the trophy... lots of wickets was how his captain described his performance....
It was truly refreshing to see the youth moment in TPL once again this year under leadership of Kalidas Surapaneni garu and his army of cricket enthusiasts. Thank you.
Honorable mention:
Catch of the tournament: Prashant of Jagat Khiladeelu: Maybe there were many other outstanding catches to mention about but once again as in the last tournament the wicket keeper of Jagat Prashant had an incredible catch diving low almost in the second slip area to a ball that was really travelling.
Once again thanks guys for all teams for the entertainment and new friendships made. It is so refreshing to everyone for being around with all young cricket lovers.
A BIG Thank you to Kalidas & TAGB Sports Team
Thank you TPL volunteers: All umpire volunteers from all teams, Ram Kancharla, Prasad Raju, Ravi Mareedu, Venkat Macha, Prashant Darisi, Vinay, Sampras, Naresh Yadav, Srinivas Vadla, Bhargav Parakala, Shandy, Madhu Parakala (our umpire for semis and finals), Hari Seeram.. sorry to have missed anyone.
Thank you BOT, TAGB
Thank you all Teams and their captains: For your participation and accommodating any short comings in the tournament.
Looking forward to see you all participate in TPL 2018, 6th edition on 16th August 2018.
Special thanks to Ram Kancherla for all his support. TAGB sports team will miss you next year
Thanks again for making TPL 2017 a GRAND success. 
Sincerely yours, 
President & Executive Committee
Telugu Association of Greater Boston (TAGB)

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